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Lessons from Celebrity Co-Parents

3 key takeaways from celebrity co-parents and their experiences.

In today’s world, people around the globe can make discoveries, access information, and find solutions with just a few clicks or taps. For co-parents, the Internet provides a wealth of resources about parenting after a divorce or separation. Searching for advice and tips online has never been easier, and some of the most helpful resources can surprise you. One of the more surprisingly insightful resources for co-parents is celebrities.

It’s hard to miss the 24/7 headlines as you scroll through social media or search results. The details of who wore what outfit on a coffee run are often trending. Life events like marriages and divorces have a longer and more impactful lifespan online, and celebrities will often share their personal experiences with their fans through social media or publications.

There are many high-profile celebrities who have experienced a separation or divorce, share children with an ex, and follow some form of parenting agreement. Because of their high visibility, celebrity co-parents reach millions of people when they share stories of successes, challenges, and even failures, however there are certain lessons that stick out. Each co-parenting situation is unique, but here are some of the most prominent lessons to consider from celebrity co-parents.


Do your best to communicate

Some celebrities mention that their ex is a great co-parent and communicator, and many others discuss the hardships of figuring out how to co-parent efficiently with their ex. The collective advice from celebrities who co-parent successfully, whether they were able to from the start or after some time, is to do your best to communicate in whatever circumstance you’re in.

Whether you can talk comfortably or need recorded communication through a service like TalkingParents, try to communicate openly about your kids and your co-parenting arrangement. Depending on the circumstances with your ex, you might have a great line of communication or a high-conflict relationship. If you are unable to avoid conflict with your co-parent, understand that minimal contact is sometimes the best-case scenario for you, your ex, and your kids.


Share details on a need-to-know basis

When it comes to talking about their custody situation and co-parenting journeys, celebrities often share the nitty-gritty details with the world. While many share these details with good intentions, they often find themselves under scrutiny on social media for their real or perceived choices in co-parenting. By sharing details with only those who need to know, you can avoid scrutiny and criticism while keeping your kids’ awareness of co-parenting issues at a minimum.

In certain cases, sharing details about your co-parenting journey can be a helpful tool, but this should be done with intentionality. Alternatively, if you want to document certain events and feelings without sharing them, the TalkingParents Personal Journal is the perfect place to make private notes. These notes can serve as helpful reminders for yourself, your attorney, or any other counsel you may want to speak with about your co-parenting interactions.

Prioritize your kids

Even with their co-parenting hardships and struggles, most celebrity co-parents admit the work was worth it for their kids. When interacting with their exes for co-parenting matters, they often make decisions to create the best outcome for their kids rather than themselves. When you prioritize your kids over everything else, it helps put your situation into perspective and refocus your intentions.

Some celebrities use TalkingParents and find that our features are a big help in creating the best co-parenting situation for their kids. By using a service like TalkingParents, you are getting useful tools that keep your interactions and efforts focused on co-parenting. With features like Accountable Calling, Secure Messaging, Unalterable Records, and more, you can navigate your co-parenting journey while keeping your kids at the focal point of every interaction. Learn more about TalkingParents and how it can enhance your co-parenting experience here.

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