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Why TalkingParents is a Safe & Secure Way to Communicate with Your Ex

TalkingParents can be used as a safe and secure way for co-parents to communicate over the phone or online without sharing personal information.

For parents who are getting divorced, separating, or breaking up, entering a high-conflict co-parenting relationship can be cause for real concern. This concern can be far greater for survivors of domestic violence, who may fear for their own safety and security while trying to co-parent their child.   

TalkingParents is a safe and secure way to communicate with an ex 

Security and accountability are two foundations that co-parenting communication service, TalkingParents, was built on. There are a number of reasons why co-parents can trust in our service to provide them with a safe way to communicate regarding their children: 

You can keep your information private 

You do not have to share your email address or phone number with your co-parent to use TalkingParents. You can sign up and match with your co-parent through the service just by entering your co-parent’s first name, last name, and the birthdate of your oldest child in common. 

Once you are matched through TalkingParents, you can use Secure Messaging and Accountable Calling to communicate with your co-parent, all without disclosing your phone number. The same goes for video calls, so if you need to talk to your child or co-parent face-to-face, you can do so without sharing your number.  

No feature within TalkingParents requires you to share your phone number with your co-parent, but you can if you wish. In order for you to be able to make and receive recorded phone calls, your cell phone number needs to be verified with TalkingParents for security, but we do not share this information with the other parent.

You can keep your conversations accountable 

Messages sent and received through TalkingParents cannot be edited or deleted. If a parent ever sends an inappropriate or threatening message through TalkingParents, that message is documented forever.  

Phone and video calls made through TalkingParents are recorded. If a parent ever says or does something inappropriate or threatening on a phone or video call, audio and video recordings and transcripts are available. 

Countless co-parents and attorneys have said that TalkingParents forces both parties to become more civil because it keeps them accountable. In many cases, the fact that everything is documented and cannot be edited or deleted encourages co-parents to be more professional and respectful towards each other.  

You can keep your communications on the Record 

If you are worried that you and your ex will ever have to go to court, every action taken within TalkingParents is in your Unalterable Records, which are admissible in courtrooms across the country. Should a parent ever make inappropriate comments or threats through TalkingParents, those communications are a part of your Unalterable Records, which can be used in your court case. 

Electronically Certified PDFs and Printed Records are available for the following features: 

If you are worried about keeping communication with your co-parent safe and secure, signing up for TalkingParents could be the solution. If you are in a high-conflict or potentially dangerous co-parenting situation, your attorney may be able to request that the court order the use of TalkingParents as an exclusive form of communication between you and your ex.

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