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In high-conflict situations - especially those involving domestic violence or vitriolic communication - courts can order parents to communicate exclusively through our free service. Parents do not need each other's telephone numbers, email addresses, or any other actual contact information to communicate through

In situations where parents get along well enough to discuss matters in person or over the phone, courts can simply require that any agreements reached elsewhere be clarified, verified, and documented through

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It only takes about a minute to complete our simple sign-up form. And don't worry, we do not collect any sensitive information and we do not share your email address with the other parent. Once both parents sign up, our system matches them together and activates both accounts. Parents are notified via email when this happens. Parents can then sign in and begin communicating through our service. is designed to provide the same high-quality user experience on any phone, tablet, or full-size computer.

Start a Conversation

Using is easy. Just sign in and start communicating. Create a new conversation for discussion at any time by clicking the New Conversation button. Parents can also attach up to five files to each message. While the files themselves do not become part of the record, the details of each upload and download are thoroughly documented. And remember, once a parent posts a message there is no way for them to change or delete what they said. All any parent can do is add to the record.

View Your Messages

When a parent signs in they are taken directly to the My Conversations section. Parents can either create a new conversation or reply to a message from the other parent. Any time a parent posts a new message, the other parent will receive an email notifying them that they have a new message to view. Also, when a parent signs in, they will be notified at the top of the page when they have a new message to view. Conversations containing a new message are at the top and marked with a red icon until they are viewed.

View Your Record

Parents can obtain a certified and complete record of communications in PDF format anytime for $3.99. They can also upgrade to a Premium account which includes unlimited access to PDF records and many other features for $4.99 per month with a free 30-day trial. Parents can email electronic copies of their record directly from our site.

Parents can also order a printed, securely-bound, and personally-certified record from us for $19 plus 19 cents per page. That price includes shipping via priority mail.

We also provide free electronic records to victims of domestic violence who need their record for an official purpose.
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Manage Your Account

Parents can easily change their email address, password, time zone, or contact information any time by navigating to the My Account section. They can also adjust the automatic email notifications we send when they have a new message to view at

Parents can also upgrade to a Premium account for $4.99 per month with a free 30-day trial. Premium accounts include unlimited access to PDF records; a totally ad-free experience across all devices; a 10% discount on printed records; and access to our new iPhone and Android apps which include new message notifications right on their mobile device. Parents can cancel Premium status anytime and their account will simply revert back to a Standard account.

Find a Lawyer

We know a lot of our users are facing difficult legal situations. We cannot provide any sort of legal advice but we can help them find a lawyer in their area who supports

Parents can search for lawyers based on location and then narrow the results by practice area or distance.