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Why TalkingParents is a Cost-Effective Tool

Why TalkingParents offers the best, most cost-effective service for co-parents.

Whether your co-parenting dynamic is peaceful or contentious, chances are that you and your ex have encountered significant costs since you transitioned to shared parenting. Co-parenting can be expensive and stressful, especially when parents have to make significant changes to accommodate joint custody, sole custody with visitation, long-distance co-parenting, and other situations. Since additional costs can add up quickly in the transition, co-parents must financially prepare for post-separation life and ensure that any investment related to shared parenting is as cost-effective as possible.

With the importance of financial value in mind, TalkingParents was created to offer an all-inclusive communication service to co-parents in various situations at an affordable price. Here are 4 reasons why TalkingParents is the most cost-effective co-parenting tool on the market.

TalkingParents Features

1. All-inclusive features

With so many facets of life affected by shared parenting, co-parents juggle dozens of details, important dates, and more to keep life relatively smooth for themselves and their children. Handling these changes in several places at once while keeping information organized can be challenging and stressful for everyone involved. TalkingParents saw there was a need here and included various features to help parents manage all things co-parenting in one service.

Here's a quick overview of each of our features:

  • Accountable Calling enables co-parents to have phone and video calls with automatically generated recordings and transcripts.
  • Secure Messaging uses timestamped messages that neither parent can edit or delete.
  • The Shared Calendar helps coordinate custody schedules, appointments, and more for both parents to access.
  • Accountable Payments organizes requested, completed, and denied payments with timestamps.
  • Unalterable Records notate every action taken within the service in an electronic or printed format.
  • The Personal Journal offers a private space to draft messages, notate interactions, and more.
  • The Attachment Library keeps track of files shared between co-parents within Secure Messaging.
  • The Info Library helps co-parents store and share important information for quick reference.
  • The Vault provides a private, secure location for parents to store and share various files.

When we say our service is all-inclusive, we really mean it. With TalkingParents, co-parents can save time, money, and stress by skipping the hassle of using and tracking interactions in different apps and programs. Our service helps parents in all situations by offering a single tool that handles calls, messages, calendars, and much more.

More importantly, parents can save time and money that would normally be spent collecting evidence. Since every action within our service is documented in a court-admissible Record, parents can access digital copies of their information within seconds instead of days. By using Records, you can save thousands in attorney’s fees if you need to seek legal counsel and go to court.

TalkingParents pricing

2. Three different plans (including a free one!)

TalkingParents offers three plans to fit the needs of any co-parent, no matter their situation: Free, Standard, and Premium. While our Standard and Premium Plans offer access to more of our features, our Free Plan enables co-parents to utilize some of our core features at no cost.

Our Free Plan enables co-parents to:

  • Access TalkingParents through our website
  • Communicate, coordinate, and document through Secure Messaging, Shared Calendar, Personal Journal, and Attachment Library
  • Receive payments through Accountable Payments
  • View Info Library entries

Our Standard Plan lets co-parents:

  • Access all Free features
  • Use the TalkingParents mobile app
  • Have full access to Accountable Payments and Info Library
  • Access, download, and email unlimited PDF records

Our Premium Plan enables co-parents to:

  • Access all Standard and Free features
  • Make and receive recorded phone and video calls through Accountable Calling
  • Send payments up to 6 days faster with express pay in Accountable Payments
  • And more!

3. Month-to-month subscriptions

One of the best parts of TalkingParents that makes it a cost-effective tool is our subscription format. Many of our competitors lock users into annual subscriptions, offering no refunds for early cancellation and charging large upfront payments, making it difficult for co-parents to adjust while experiencing changes in circumstances. Additionally, for parents who want or need a free co-parenting communication tool, many other services either lack a no-cost version or require extensive documentation to approve discounted or free access.

Our Standard Plan costs $9.99 per month, and our Premium Plan costs $24.99 per month. Both plans are billed monthly with no contract or long-term commitment. Instead of paying upfront costs and being stuck with a service that doesn't fit your needs, you can pay as you go and make changes to fit your situation as it fluctuates. Upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time.

If you want to take a break from a paid subscription, stop paying for tools you don't use, or remove the monthly cost altogether, you can switch to the Free Plan and maintain access to our core features. While some competitors will require you to provide documentation of your financial circumstances to allow free access, our Free Plan is available to all parents regardless of whether it's due to personal preference or financial necessity.

TalkingParents Premium plan

4. 30-day free trial

Just like you'd want to test-drive a car before committing to buying or leasing it, you may want to test a product or service before purchasing a subscription. Other co-parenting services offer a "risk-free trial" that guarantees a refund within your first 30 days, which means you have to pay in advance. Additionally, if you sign up and forget to cancel within your first 30 days, you lose that money and are stuck with that service.

To ensure parents have a genuinely risk-free period to try our service, we automatically provide a free 30-day trial to first-time Standard and Premium Plan users. Parents can test all our features without worrying about losing money by missing a deadline. If you forget to cancel your subscription after the trial ends, you are only charged for one month of your selected plan and you can cancel anytime.

If you're convinced that TalkingParents is the best, most cost-effective asset for your co-parenting journey, get started today. If you still want to learn more before taking the leap, you can review the ample resources we've curated for current and future users. Our team strives to provide co-parents and legal professionals with extensive information about our service through our Help Center, social media channels, Parenting Resources page, webinars, newsletters, and more. If you need clarification about any aspect of our platform or want help finding the answers you're looking for, our customer support team is happy to help.

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